Seal Coating is the most cost effective way to maintain asphalt pavement. Seal Coating protects driveways and parking lots from deterioration caused by the natural elements and chemicals that break down pavement over time. Seal Coating extends the life of your driveway or parking lot and beautifies your property with a fresh renewed look. A small inventment in sealcoating can prevent high cost asphalt repairs down the road.

Sealing cracks is the most critical component to protecting your asphalt. Our crack repair process involves thoroughly removing the dirt and debris from the crack opening and then filling it with a heated rubberized material that can expand and contact with changes in temperature and keep out damaging water.

Shamos Sealcoating offers professional parking lot line striping for your business parking lot or your warehouse. Whatever your line striping needs are Shamos Sealcoating can get the job done right. We offer DOT approved line marking and signage as well as traffic control devices and curbing.

Potholes are dangerous and costly hazards to have in your parking lot or driveway. They pose a trip hazard and can cause damage to vehicles. To fix a pothole area we cut a square around the broken area, re-gravel and compact the sub-base and then fill in and compact new hot-mix asphalt to match-up with the existing surface. We then seam seal the patch with our hot rubberized crack sealer to ensure no water will get into the newly repaired area.

Shamos Sealcoating uses hydraulically powered mechanical sweepers to pick up and haul away the winter sand and dirt from your parking lot. We provide sweeping services for business parking lots, condominiums and roadways.

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